underground fresh fashion

the goods

Shk clothing company

the vision

when somethings hot, it pops.  never sacrifice quality for the sake of uniqueness.  a fresh t shirt is a powerful statement, and it's bold.  its different than something you've seen before, it provokes the attention of the viewer. its a blank slate, to make a statement.   it's art, it's style, it's fashion.  put one of our t shirts on, and go out into the world, and take the flavor. it's something that you know is tight, and its different. it's bold. the t shirt doesn't make the man, the man makes the t shirt.  you can't be scared to rock a shirt, you've got to be ready to rock.  you can bring the heat, if you're ready.  take the challenge, take the T. take it from me.  see what happens. 

i've been doing this. for a long time. i know what's up.  i'm just trying to put you in the game now.  and when they ask, let em know.   SHK clothing co.