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orange band/ sply 350

orange band/ sply 350

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Besides the orange graphic on the basic black tee, there is a variety of earth tone colored tees here that can match your earth toned kicks , so make sure you choose the one that you like and think fits best with your pair of kicks.

If you want to see EXACTLY what the color of the shirt looks like before you buy it, choose the color you want from the color select drop down menu, and then google search "gildan 2000 *color*" on google image search, BEFORE you buy.   example: "gildan 2000 sand"  

This will show the exact color.  

Also, the placement of the print will be across the middle of the chest about 4" down from the collar, like the model in the black.  For some reason the placement of the print appears higher on the store mockups of the other colors, will fix asap.